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May 20th: 2nd & 4th Parent Events


May 24th: PTA Executive Board Meeting/ Luncheon


May 25th: Kinder, PPCD, & 3rd Parent Events


May 26th:


1st Parent Events,

Yearbook distribution


May 27th & 29th NO SCHOOL


June 1st:

5th Graduation 9-11am


June 2nd:

5th Gr Party 8:45-12:15pm


Parent Events & Picnics

Be A Game Changer At Pattison!


TODAY! Friday, May 20th

            Grade 2                    10:30– 11:00     Celebration in the Classroom

                                                11:00 – 11:45    Picnic – Outside under the trees!


            Grade 4                    12:00 – 12:30   Celebration in the Classroom

                                                12:30 - 1:15      Picnic – Outside under the trees!



Wednesday, May 25th

           KGarten                   10:30 – 11:00    Celebration in the Classroom

                                                11:00 – 11:45    Picnic – Outside under the trees!



           Grade 3                      12:00 – 12:30   Celebration in the Classroom

                                                    12:30 - 1:15      Picnic – Outside under the trees!



PPCD                 AM Class - 10:30 am     PM Class - 2:40 pm



Thursday, May 26th

            Grade 1                     10:30 – 11:00    Celebration in the Classroom

                                                11:00 – 11:45    Picnic – Outside under the trees!




     Due to the lack of space in ALL grade level classrooms, we ask that this be a

     student/parent celebration and you limit visitors to 2 people for your child.

     No younger siblings! EVERYONE will need to show a valid ID to enter.


Fifth grade graduation is Wednesday, June 1st, from 9:00 – 11:00.  A

reception will be held in the 5th grade area following the ceremony.

Younger siblings enrolled at Pattison will not be pulled from classrooms

to attend.  EVERYONE will need to show a valid ID to enter.


     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

-Pattison Administration





All orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Cost: $33.00

Please see order forms that came home in this Tuesday's folder, or you can print one again from our PTA STORE Yearbook Page.


To all Pattison PTA Members and Volunteers,

Well, this GAME CHANGING school year is coming to a close – and our students are the big WINNERS!  I want to thank the 1,064 parents, staff, grandparents and community members who joined Pattison PTA this year.  It’s through your membership and continued support that the PTA was able to accomplish some amazing things this year for our school, and be recognized by Texas PTA with numerous awards to boot.  

There is nothing like the heart of a volunteer!  Pattison PTA Leadership volunteers were hard at work even before school started.  PTA Officers took training classes over the summer, Beautification was busy planting flowers and organizing Scout clean-ups, Sprit Wear was designed and sold, and our Youth Protection chair made sure all the classroom emergency bags were properly outfitted.

Before school began, 1st Day Packets were stuffed, our new PT-Avenue platform launched and school supply packs were delivered to classrooms in preparation for Meet-Your-Teacher night.  The Hospitality team welcomed the teachers back with a luncheon.  This team continued celebrating our amazing staff with monthly events such as mailbox treats, luncheons and desserts.

The PTA hosted our Tears and Cheers event to celebrate our first day of school and immediately started the process of recruiting PTA Members & Volunteers as well as selling and designing Yearbooks and compiling the PTA Directory.  PTA had our Home Room Parent team in place by September and conducted the first of four PTA General Meetings that month.  Each was held in conjunction with a grade-level specials program.  PTA funds supplement the cost of these programs.  


We launched our Colt Bolt Fun Run Fundraiser with an energetic pep rally.  We also had the honor of hosting the Texas PTA President on our campus and launched the annual Reflections Art Program with “Let Your Imagination Fly” as the theme.  Two of our school’s entries advanced to State!

In October our School Store started its monthly sales, and the PTA offered the first of three sets of Pattison Coupons.  PTA hosted our very own, customized Colt Bolt Fun Run due to the excellent leadership of our Fall Fundraiser Chair and Committee.  It exceeded our wildest expectations, and students rose to the challenge to meet a $60,000 goal, resulting in Mrs. Barker kissing a pig!  What a memory!  



 Due in large part to our successful Colt Bolt Fundraiser, the generosity of our school families, sponsors and community partners, and careful management of our PTA funds, the estimated amount available for allocation from the 2015-16 budget is: $51,944.00.  The funds are to be distributed as follows:


$13,800 will be spent on 46 iPad Mini 4’s to accommodate growth

10 will be bought for Kindergarten; 9 for 1st grade; 9 for 2nd grade;

5 for each grades 3rd-5th; 3 for Music.  

$2,270 will be spent on 41 iPad cases and 9 keyboard cases.

$694.35 will be spent by PE for Field Day trophies and equipment.  

$2,351.92 will be reserved in a designated fund for the future purchase of speakers for the gym.

$419.98 will go towards Gloss Glazes for Art.

$9,969 will be used for the ELA Curriculum Corner.  This includes:

$5,081 for Units of Study for Reading;

$4,500 for a consultant for staff development; and

$388 will be spent on an assessment kit.

$878 will be spent on Math/Science curriculum books.

$6,000.00 will fund math tubs for all grades.

$8,000.00 will be designated for future replacement of the track.

$3,000.00 will be designated for Marquee repair or replacement.

$2,500 will be used to purchase a Plotter for the workroom.

$1,310.75 will be spent on Storyworks for 5th grade.

$750 will be used by the PTA for storage this summer and the end-of- year meeting. 

Muffins with Mom was oh so yummy, and little red paper dolls lines the halls for Red Ribbon Week (a national Drug Prevention Program)! November saw the PTA host our annual Family Social with food trucks and free ice cream in conjunction with Pattison’s Open House. In December the Home Room Parents hosted the Winter Party that included some wonderful entertainers and classroom fun funded by PTA.   The PTA bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award on five honorees, and the Extended Service Award to one.  These dedicated people were honored at the Founders’ Day dinner in February.  Throughout the year volunteer parents made Junior Achievement happen on our campus.  This program touched each grade level through “JA in a Day” events. This national program uses parent and community volunteers to teach children different aspects about the business world. We ended the month with our annual Donuts with Dad program, which was moved to the gym to accommodate growth.  It worked so well, PTA plans to use the gym for all breakfast events next year.

Thank you to all Pattison PTA Members. Without you, none of this would be possible!


PTA Programs

Muffins with Mom

Donuts with Dad

Grandparents Breakfast

Winter and Valentine’s Class Parties

Reflections Art Contest

5th Grade Party



Tears & Cheers

Open House Family Social  (food trucks & ice cream)

Colt Bolt

Pattison Coupons

Spirit Night

Red Ribbon Week (Drug Prevention)

Junior Achievement

Grade-Level Specials Programs

On-Campus Learning Experiences

Super Specials/Author Visits

Movie Night

Youth Protection

Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation

Merchant Rebates


PTA Services

School Store

School Supply Sales

PT-Avenue/Online Directory

Envelopes/Attendance Pads



Spirit Wear

PTA Website/Pattison Post/FB Page

February marked the Valentine’s Day party for grades K-4, and the 5th Grade Sock Hop. The student-anticipated PTA-Member- Thank-You event at Mason Road Skate Center also returned. The Pattison Auction kicked off in March and concluded with item pick up in conjunction with our annual PTA Carnival in April.  That night brought in approximately $25,000 to our school thanks to the generosity of our parents, sponsors and donors.  We can’t thank you enough! Due to the huge success of Colt Bolt we were able to continue offering a huge reduction in wristband pricing again this year!  Next up was our annual Volunteer Breakfast where Pattison acknowledged all volunteers and honored Kim Myers as Volunteer of the Year.  On behalf of the students and PTA members, PTA’s Hospitality committee celebrated Teacher Appreciation week with five day’s worth of events at the end of April.  

May and June wrap up our year with our annual general membership meeting.  Yearbooks will be distributed May 26th, and the 5th Grade party will take place.  We also already are planning for next year.  Our budget is set, and our excess funds have been allocated to support the items teachers say are needed and will help our student body the most. (See sidebar above for details.)


In addition to all these events, we also had an insightful website maintained by our Communications Chair and supported by a committee who produced a weekly Pattison Post newsletter and managed our PTA Face Book page and other Publicity.  Our PTA has two volunteers representing Pattison at the Katy Council meetings, and our VP of Volunteers representing Pattison at monthly Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPs ) meetings.  Our Library Liaison and her volunteers ensure that our library has volunteers to help with checkouts and shelve books.  Our Kindergarten Centers and Workroom Coordinators and their volunteers keep the Centers operating, copy machine humming and the laminating machine rolling respectively.  Our Merchant Rebate team collected Box Tops and Labels for Education, and advertised other rebate programs.  Our Historian has been documenting our year and will be producing a year in review scrapbook (you can see previous year’s in the Pattison Lobby).  We also have people working behind the scenes: a Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

All of this is thanks to our PTA members and our 305 Pattison Volunteers who so far have logged over 25,025 hours (that’s the equivalent of 16+ full-time staffers).  We couldn’t have had such game-changing influence on our school without you.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your PTA President this year, and for all the wonderful ways you have supported Pattison and our PTA.  


Pattison Proud,

Shelley Eastland

2015-16 PE PTA President


-Available to order through July 29th-

PTA would like to extend the convenient service of customized, pre-packaged school supplies for your students!  The packs are tailored to each grade level by our Pattison teachers and include a single PTA membership with each pack purchased.  


Sales tax will be added at checkout.  Please print your confirmation as your receipt.

The packs will be delivered and in your child's classroom on Meet Your Teacher Night in August!

For questions or order issues, please contact our School Supply Chair, Courtney Synnott @



Enter School Code: PAT004


For your own shopping preference,

KISD supply lists  for Pattison can be found at






to the winners  of the Summer merchant rebates contest!









Ms. Eshbaugh’s class was the top earner with 135 Box Tops ! Our total since the Spring Contest was 1451 tops.

Nice way to finish out the year, Colts!!


Keep collecting those BOX TOPS this summer!  Remember to check the   expiration dates.  

We will be discontinuing Labels for Education for next school year- thank you for all your collecting!


Check out the  Merchant Rebates Page   (Fundraiser Tab) on our website for the latest counts by classroom for this school year to see how you class compared   to the rest of the school.   Happy Summer everyone!

Ms. Eshbaugh's Class

135 Box Tops!

THANK YOU to all of the 2015-2016 Homeroom Parents

who worked so hard to make this school year such a Game Changer for our teachers, children and parents!  

Your time and dedication were greatly appreciated!  We hope you all have a very safe and relaxing summer!!


We would also like to thank this year’s Grade Level Coordinators for doing an awesome job!  They are:

Tiffany Harrington – Kindergarten

Kelly Griffin – 1st

Terri Bowling – 2nd

Alyssa Newcomb – 3rd

Colleen Cooper – 4th

Tiffany Gettleman & Tammy Park – 5th


We appreciate all your hard work that helped make this year a HUGE SUCCESS!  You are all truly amazing!


-Ruveida Feroze & Amy Nayef

Homeroom Parent Coordinators

Announcing Your Pattison PTA 2016-17 Communications Team:


5th VP Communications- Jen Roth

Website- Therese Russo

Pattison Post- Ashley Park

Publicity- Lindsey Klingensmith