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October 26-30-

Red Ribbon Week


October 30-

Reflections entries due


November 3-

PTA Board Meeting 10:30am


November 6-

Early Dismissal







Red Ribbon Week is a week of learning about healthy life choices and having fun. 

Please help us in supporting the 2015 national campaign of Respect Yourself.  Be Drug Free. 

In celebration of Red Ribbon Week, Pattison students will pledge to lead a drug free life. 




I pledge allegiance to myself and who I want to be,

Because I can make my dreams come true if I believe in me.

I pledge to stay in school and learn the things that I need to know,

To make the world a better place for kids like me to grow.

I pledge to keep my dreams alive and be all I can be.

I pledge to help others and to keep myself drug free!





Join us in having fun this week by participating in our daily spirit wear activities!



Monday, October 26th     






Tuesday, October 27th   

MY FUTURE IS GREAT WITHOUT DRUGS – Dress as you want to be when you grow up




Wednesday, October 28th 

JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST DRUGS – Wear red, white and blue






Thursday, October 29th  

GAME CHANGERS ARE DRUG FREE – Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey




Friday, October 30th     

DRUGS AND I DON’T MIX – Wear mismatched clothes/opposite day


Mornings with Mom: A HUGE Thanks!


Mornings with Mom enjoyed a special touch this year - seated service courtesy of a group of great Pattison Dads! We applaud the dads who passed pastries and allowed the moms and kids more time to enjoy their breakfast together! 

Thanks to all the parents who participated in this annual event, and to Anchal Shahi and Denisse Lyon for planning everything.


The Pattison PTA student directory is now LIVE on PT-Avenue for members to access through their PT-Avenue accounts.  Simply log in to your PT-Avenue account and you will see a directory tab at the top.  It is searchable by grade-level and teacher.


There are still many duplicate entries that we are in the process of cleaning up this week before we print the hard copy.  Changes still can be made to the live directory, but after this week there will be no further edits to the file that will be published for the hard copy, which will be organized by grade-level and teacher.  If you have any issues with accessing your PT-Avenue account due to duplicate entries, please contact Audrey Schlorholtz at directory@pattison.txpta.org


If you are not a Pattison PTA member and would like to be, it's not too late to join and gain access to the online directory.  Please visit the PTA Membership Info tab on the HOME page for options and instructions.  Once your membership has been processed, you will be able to access the online directory.

  Winter Box Top Contest





The class that collects the most Box Tops by the end of this nine-week collection period wins a treat for each person in the class!  Check the expiration date (anything prior to March 1, 2016 is expired for the next submission) and tape to this sheet (also home in Tuesday folders) to send to school. If you have over 25, please place extras in a plastic baggie and staple the baggie to boxtop sheet.  Make sure to include your child’s name as well as teacher’s name.  


If you have any questions, please contact Christina Fournier at christina@silco.com

Thank you for your support!

McMeans Junior High PTA Board would like to extend an invite to all Pattison families (especially next year's Bobcats!)  to join the fun at our annual




DATE: Friday, October 30th

TIME: 6 to 9pm


Unlimited rides & Inflatables armbands $35 at the door. $5, $10, $20 ticket cards for rides, food, games, laser tag, & photo booth also available.


Great Playdate!

On Sunday the 18th, our New to Pattison team hosted a playdate on the Pattison playground.  Around 15 students and their family members had fun getting to know one another while enjoying popsicles and cookies in the fantastic weather we had!

Don't miss out on the fun next time- an all school invite will go out in February! 


If you are new to Pattison, please feel free to contact Erin Mulkey (newtopattison@pattison.txpta.org), or any PTA Board Member, with questions regarding our school or even our immediate area of Katy. We are glad to help!



Great for birthdays, anniversaries, a big win, or just putting lots of smiles on faces!

They come in groups of 20 or 40 flamingos. . .whose yard will they land in next? 

You can help them land. . . Do you have someone you’d like to flock?  


This is a fundraiser for the McMeans Symphonic Band as they have been selected to perform at the National Music For All Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana in March.  100% of the proceeds go directly to the MMJH Band for this event and they do the actual work (flocking) themselves!  If you are interested, please send payments and the following information to:

McMeans Junior High

Attn: George Liverman

21000 Westheimer Parkway

Katy, TX  77450


-Name of Friend to be Flocked

 -Friend’s Physical Address (NOTE: flamingos cannot flock on public property or apartment complexes)

 -Special Instructions (optional)

 -How Many Flamingos:

                                Small Flock (20 Flamingos) $30

                                Large Flock (40 Flamingos) $60

 -Would you like your name on the flocking notice? Yes or No

  -Your Name and Phone Number


Flamingo Flocking takes place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights through December!