Saturday, February 23, 2019 6:00PM - 10:00PM

WIllow FOrk COuntry Club




Are children allowed at the Pattison Derby?

           No.  Please find care for your little ones as this is an adults-only event.  This is a great opportunity for parents and faculty to connect in a relaxed environment.


What are Trophy Tables?

          Trophy Tables are reserved VIP seating that is yours for the night if you purchase.  They come with 8 tickets to the Derby.


Is there a way to get reserved seating without purchasing an entire Trophy Table?

          Yes, this year we are offering individual seats at a few of our Trophy Tables for those who might have a hard time finding enough people to fill an entire table.


If I purchase a seat at a Trophy Table, can I request who I sit with?

          Yes, we will do our best to satisfy seating requests, but we cannot guarantee it.


If I do not purchase a Trophy Table or seats at a Trophy Table, will there be other seating available?

          Yes, there will be some seating throughout the venue, but it is not reserved and may not be reserved for the night.


Do tickets include food?

          Yes, we have a great meal planned including prime rib, a hot brown bar, and Proud Pie for dessert, just to name a few incredible choices.


Do tickets include alcoholic beverages?

          No.  However, there will be several cash bars available if this is of interest to you.


Can you buy tickets for other people?

          Yes, just input their name and provide their email address when you can.


Can you buy tickets to the Pattison Derby at the door?

          No, tickets will be offered via online purchase only on a first come basis, and ticket sales will close on February 18th so that we can provide our final numbers for catering.


Do you have to attend the Pattison Derby to be able to bid on an item?

          No.  The auction will be offered via mobile/online bidding so anyone can participate in the auction.


What time does the auction begin?

          6:00 pm


What time does the auction end?

          The auction will conclude at 8:45 pm, but there will be categories of items that close out before that time.  When you bid on an item, you will be informed of its closing time.


How do I bid on an item?

          To bid on an item, you must register in our Auction website and include a credit card for the file in case you win an item.


Will my credit card be automatically charged if I win something?

          While you will be notified that you have won an item and be given the opportunity to close out on your own, using the credit card on file or an alternate card, However, if you have not checked out by 10:00 pm, the credit card you have provided will be charged for the items you have won. Because the PTA is using the day of Derby as one of its tax-free days to avoid any complications with financial paperwork, it is important that we complete all transactions that night.


How do I pick up an item I have won if I do not attend Derby or I leave before the auction closes?

          The PTA will provide a couple of times that you may pick up your item (TBD), and if you cannot make one of those times, please contact Jamie at to make arrangements.


What are Socials?

           Socials are parties that have a flat fee (Buy it Now) price, and are offered on a first come basis, no bidding involved. Socials are donated items, are hosted and paid for by one or more Pattison parents, and are NOT PTA-sponsored events. However, the money raised from each social is donated to the Pattison PTA.  Socials have a limited number of spots available for purchase, so make sure to get your spot ASAP once it opens for sale on February 23rd at 6:00 pm.


Who can attend Socials?

          Please see the description in the Socials, which was provided by the hosts of the party.  Some socials are for a certain grade, boy/girl, some are adult-only, etc and are limited to Pattison families.  In the case where a social may be open to an entire grade, unfortunately other children from different grades and/or siblings are not able to get a spot or attend. Please be courteous to our gracious hosts and hostesses who are donating the party!


Can I get a refund if I end up having a conflict on the date the Social I purchased is offered?

          No, unfortunately no refunds are allowed, but the Pattison PTA appreciates your donation!  However, you may give your spot to someone else that is able to attend!

If you are interested in sponsoring, donating to, or volunteering for, the

2019 Pattison Derby - Social & Auction

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