Ashley Core

Presides at all meetings of the association and coordinates the work of the officers and committees of the association.


1st VP Programs

Allisyn Decatur

Assists the president and is responsible for programs at the general PTA meetings, school supplies, recycling, and services provided by the PTA.

2nd VP Membership

Ann Buss

Solicits PTA members, keeps records of dues, updates computer membership listings and communicates with the Texas PTA on membership issues.

3rd VP Ways & Means

Darcie Vlahos

Oversees fund-raising events (including carnival, fall/spring dinner, etc.) to meet the needs of the predetermined PTA budget.

4th VP Volunteers

Susie Boyce

Recruits volunteers to aid in filling committee positions, assists with programs and events, and aids in other volunteering needs.

5th VP Communications

Shelley Eastland

Oversees and coordinates all communications generated by Pattison PTA: Website, Publicity, Pattison Post, and E-news.


Susana Rivero

Has custody of all funds of the association and will keep a full and accurate account of the receipts and expenditures.


Tiffany Harrington

Records the minutes of all regular meetings of the association and of the executive committee.


Jamie Bingham

Advises the presiding officer on questions of parliamentary procedure, collects and preserve documents relating the history of the association.

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Ashley Park (Auctions Coordinator)

Organize and oversee a committee that will plan the annual Pattison PTA Auction and Parent Social which includes: planning and coordinating event social, coordinating and obtaining sponsorship for the event, coordinating and procuring items and donations for the silent auction; coordinating the silent auction, coordinating all payment and pickup arrangements of all auction items.  


Melissa Mihalick (Chair)

Organizes and oversee a committee that will plan the annual Pattison Carnival (Spring) including planning dates; researching and scheduling rides, food vendors, and security; acquisition of prizes, candy store and general store items; all decorations and signage; ticket and wristband sales (including coordination with web store);  etc.

Fall Fundraiser

Anna Nail (Chair)

Organizes and oversee a committee that will plan the annual Fall Fundraiser (Colt Bolt) including planning dates; researching and scheduling sponsorship and activities, acquisition of prizes, coordination of pep rallies, and communications. 

Homeroom Parent Coordinator

Terri Bowling (Chair)

Oversees recruitment and information session for Homeroom Parent and Grade Level Coordinators; works with Grade Level Coordinators to plan two preset parties for students; works with the Carnival Chair to organize Homeroom Parent recruitment of Carnival booth volunteers


Paola Gomez-Coto (Chair)

Anna Nail (Chair)

Designs Hospitality Plan and schedule at the beginning of the school year; organizes and implements a welcome lunch (August) and monthly treats for staff; submits and executes a plan for treats, activities and lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week (May).

Katy Council Representatives

Audrey Schlorholtz (Chair)

Attends Katy Council Meetings throughout the year (evening); reports to the PTA important issues that affect Pattison.

Leadership Advisor Chair

Stacy Lombardi (Chair)

Job description

Library Liaison

Jana Daniels (Chair)

Creates and maintain monthly volunteer schedule that allows the library to have a consistent volunteer staff; assist library staff with training of volunteers and assisting with the book fairs and other projects.

Pattison Principal

Debra Barker


Tiffany Podmore (Chair)

Organizes the school level PTA “Reflections” competition and submits entries to district competition.


Ashley Mezger (Chair)

Works with the board approved vendor as a liaison; creates a yearbook representing the entire school population; oversees year book sales; distributes yearbook; provides pictures to Webmaster, Historian, and Publicity Chair.

Youth Protection

Gina Shaffer (Chair)

Prepares and distributes emergency bags for each classroom (before school starts); coordinates with Pattison staff members for events during “Be Drug Free” Week.; assist school nurse with Flue Shot Clinic.

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Aqsa Saif

Oversee the upkeep of the outside and inside areas that are maintained by the PTA.  Oversee Board approved improvement projects on campus.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tiffani Harrington

Lindy Kessner

Coordinate the Daddy Daughter Dance.


Aqsa Saif


Fifth Grade Party

Stephanie Kaithakottil

Coordinate the 5th Grade Party event.

International Festival

Lisa Han

Coordinate the International Festival.

Junior Achievement

Emily Hafner

Coordinate volunteers in all grades who will teach children the developed curriculum from the Junior Achievement organization; ensure the provided program materials are distributed to volunteer.

Meet Your Teacher Night (MYTN)


Coordinate the Pattison Meet Your Teacher Night event (week prior to first day of school).

Merchant Rebate

Christina Fournier

Coordinate collection and submission of merchant rebates.

Mother Son Game Night

Tara Weatherwax

Susan Dyson

Coordinate the Mother Son Event.

New to Pattison

Liz Shields

Coordinate meet-ups and events for parents and students new to Pattison.

Pattison Post

Lori Hicks

Coordinate content, produce, and publish, the Pattison Post PTA newsletter.


Karen Koester

School Store

Nicole O'Neil

Purchase and stock items for and run the monthly (or weekly) school store

Coordinate volunteers to help with school store