Our PTA spends a great amount of time and detail to making this service possible for our members.  Anyone enrolled at Pattison can be included in the directory, however only current PTA members will have access to the directory.  By clicking on the link above, you agree that this information is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and not to be shared with anyone.


Once you click on the Directory Site above, you will be brought to a screen with the directory link.  Upon clicking on the Directory Icon, you will be prompted for a password.  If you are a paid PTA member, and you don't have the password, please email membership at the address below..


A single Pattison PTA membership includes access to the online directory.  We hope this comes in handy for birthday party invites, co-ordinating events, e-mailing reminders, keeping in touch over the summer, etc.   


Questions about the directory?  Email membership@pattisonpta.org